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May 17, 2019

Another Arizona teacher to run for public office overseeing schools

PHOENIX – Another teacher who was inspired to become politically active because of the Red for Ed movement is running for Maricopa County school superintendent.

Jennifer Samuels, a middle school Scottsdale teacher, released her official announcement video announcement Monday, but kicked off her campaign Saturday. Read more >> 

May 17, 2019

Next steps for mental health support programs in schools

According to the World Health Organization, suicide remains among the leading causes of death for teens. When I became a teacher, I never envisioned the emails to attend funerals for former students. I received one recently regarding a young man who was enrolled in my eighth-grade class just a few years ago, a student who had taken his own life. As a mother, I worry that we are not doing enough for Arizona students. Many of my students are slipping through the cracks of a system that is failing them.


I’m terribly grateful for Sen. Sean Bowie’s sponsorship of Senate Bill 1468. With this bill, teachers and staff will undergo evidence-based suicide prevention, intervention and referral training every three years. This instruction is essential and a great place to start. But in order for teachers to reach all of their students, there needs to be fewer students in the classrooms. Read more >> 

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